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What should a person do if he receives a Dishonored Cheque

• Notice should be issued to the payer within a month of the dishonor of the cheque. if it is not issued within a month then the cheque needs to be presented to the bank again and the notice can be issued after the cheque bounces.
• After the notice, 15 days should be given to the payer to make the necessary payments.

• If not paid within 15 days, then a suit can be filed in the court within a month after the 15 days notice period.

Steps for giving notice and for filing a suit in the court

1. Notice to be given within a month of the date of cheque bounce.

2. It should be sent to the payer through a Registered Post along with the acknowledgement receipt.
3. One copy of notice should be sent to UPC as well.
4. The documents required while filing a suit are complaint letter, oath letter and photocopy of all the necessary documents such as cheques, memos, notice copy and acknowledgement letter.