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Type of Cheques that Can Be Presented In the CTS

 All the local cheques can be presented in the CTS. Banks may also present cheques on banks situated outside the NCR, but such banks have branches in the NCR region. The CTS also supports the intercity clearing and specialized clearing like high value clearing etc. The on-us instruments where both presenting and drawee banks are same are not allowed in the CTS. Images of such instruments would be stopped at the Clearing House Interface itself.

Features of new CTS – 2010 Compliant Cheques

Following are the features of new ‘CTS – 2010 Compliant’ Cheques

  1. Branch address with IFSC code printed top of the cheque.
  2. Date in dd/mm/yyyy format with boxes.
  3. There is a new symbol of rupees inserted near the numerical amount column.
  4. “Please Sign Above” is written on the cheque at the bottom right side.
  5. Wave like design is embossed on the left hand side of cheque.



Features of New CTS – 2010 Compliant Cheques